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Carnevalli, Brasil

Blown Film Extrusion line 3layer, 5 layer, 7 layer and 9 layer.

Flexographic Printing machines-Inline, CI.

MDO Lines

Recycling plants.


Technical Description:


Number of layers
Resins to be processed


Tubular lay flat, max.

5 ( A B C D E)
Barrier film for food packaging and other purposes; PE film for autom. packaging, lamination, etc.

1600 mm

Film thickness                        µ 

50 – 150

Die diameter range                mm

300 – 400


Theoretical output, up to

300 ton/monthly 


High performance POLARIS PLUS extruders:

Layers A-C-E:                60 mm   L/D 30:1    
Layers B-D:                    40 mm   L/D 30:1   
Bimetallic screws and barrels;
Pneumatic drawer type screen changers.


CA 5040   5-layer stationary die-head:

Improved design for high output with 40% residence time reduction for easy material changes;
Die sizes from 300 to 400 mm;
Die diam.  :       400 mm gap 2.2 mm


Double lip air ring CP 48:

Designed for high efficiency and high output.
The improved air flow increases the output while improves physical properties of the film as per tear, haze, elongation and especially dart drop.


Electronic IBC system:

Complete system fitted with ultrasonic sensors, for fast cooling of the film, improved film quality, and output.


Non-marking bubble cage:

Motorized height and diameter adjustments with remote control;
Maximum lay flat             (mm) :     1720
Minimum lay flat              (mm) :       550
Height adjustment          (mm) :      1000


Horizontal oscillating take-off unit:

360 degrees oscillating take off for lay flat width 1600 mm;
Light weight collapsing frames with aluminum idler rollers;
Wooden gusseting and side guiding boards;
Maximum lay flat            (mm) :     1600
Double station automatic winder BC 425-1600 Suprema:

Lay flat width 1600 mm;
Surface winding mode with load cells for tension control;
Automatic double station winder (back to back)

Line control/automation:

PC based line supervision for automated production control system with a
color touch screen MMI.


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