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Honda Kiko Co. Ltd, Japan

HONDA PUMPS is a leading pump manufacturer and a global provider of innovative engineering, most Reliable, Durable and Efficient pumping solutions.


Product Range



Latex Emulsion Pump

Pulp and Paper Mills



Latex and Polymer Industry


Resin (ABS/Monomer)and Rubber Industry






Low NPSH Ultra Self-Priming Pump

Petro-chemical/Oil Refining Industry



Water Treatment Industry


Chemical & Processing Industries


Low NPSH Centrifugal Pump             

Chemical Reactor & Desalination Plants



Petro-chemical, Gas Industry


Vacuum Evaporator, Boiler Feeding


Pitot Tube Roto-Jet Pump

Reverse Osmosis



Pulp and Paper Mills


Fuel Injection / Boiler Feed


High Pressure Cleaning



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