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Biancalani S.r.L., Italy

Since 1957, Biancalani has been producing innovative textile machines for the finishing sector in which woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and knitwear are involved. Biancalani's machines produce high performance results that are guaranteed.


AIRO24 , It Is the latest generation tumble dryer working in open width and continuous form. This treatment to the fabric gives high volume and soft touch and suitable for all variety of fabric with all kinds of composition. As it is working in open width , machine working width is available from 180 cm to 360 cm.


AIRO, This is the basic technology of tumble drying but working in batch and semi open condition. The results is same of the continuous version. AIRO DUE ( Two Channel ) and AIRO QUATTRO ( Four Channel ) are the two basic models of this version. Unlike Airo 24 , there is provision of wet treatment in some model.


All over the world AIRO treated fabrics are trademarked as AIRO HAND.


BRIO, This is a dryer working in batch and suitable for Knitted fabric for getting very low residual shrinkage. The unique vibration to the wet Knit fabric gives very high amount of reduction in shrinkage which is really an unique technology.


The continuous version of this technology is under development and will be launched in the market soon.


MILLA® is a scouring and milling machine combined with four milling channels. The new MILLA®, milling machine guarantees excellent productivity, high reliability, and easy maintenance. .

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