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Brambati SPA is the leader in handling systems for general food industries.

Brambati has a history of 60 years in the general food industry and particularly for bakeries, baking, confectionery, baby food, pasta and biscuit industries.

Turn-key plants up to the feeding of eventual mixing machines or other utilization points are available, i.e. Storage, weighing, cleaning, transportation, dosing machines for both powder and liquid raw materials - flour, sugar, water, oil etc.


Complete system for crystal and inverted sugar processing are also available. Capacity of systems can vary according to the specific exigencies of the customer having a great processing flexibility. Raw material can be granular or powder based.


Turn-keys plants for coffee industry from the reception of the green coffee up to the feeding of the packing machines through the different stages of cleaning, storage, weighing, blending, roasting, conveying with traditional mechanical transports or with the new generation ones at high density low-speed, milling and degassing are manufactured.


Roasting machines can be of different sizes, from 5-7, 5 kgs per batch (20kgs/hour) to 360 kgs per batch (1440kgs/hour) with traditional or high automation concept, allowing a complete controlling of the coffee roasting process, adapting the roasting characteristics to the Customer different exigencies.


Grinders can be of different sizes and type, the traditional ones with production from 100 kgs/hour to 1600 kgs/hour for Espresso, Moka and filter coffee and the special ones with production from 450 kgs/hour to 700 kgs/hour for Turkish and Greek coffee.


Also supplied are control panels, hardware and software, so that all the systems can be completely computerized and automatic.

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