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Tronrud Engineering, Norway

M/s. Tronrud Engineering  is producing TC2  which is hand operated  Electrionic Jacquard loom.


The TC2 loom comes in three different sizes and can be configured depending on the kind of fabric widths and fabric densities that the customer will be working with. The three sizes are called 2W, 3W and 4W looms.


On a 2W loom, you can weave fabrics of upto 28''; on a 3W loom, you can weave fabrics upto 43'' in width; and the fabric widths can be upto 56'' on a 4W loom.


Once you decide on the loom size (based on the fabric widths you want to weave), the next step is to choose the number of modules (or the loom configuration) that the customer want to have.


Consider the TC2 loom as a bookshelf and the modules as books that can be arranged and rearranged inside the loom. Now, each of the module enables a fabric width of 14.5'' and a fabric density of 15 epi (ends over inch). The more number of modules you have, more are the possibilities to play with fabric densities and fabric widths! 

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