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Gab Neumann Gmbh, GERMANY

For more than 40 years Gab Neumann Gmbh have designed and manufactured heat exchangers, equipment and components for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, steel coating and environmental industries.


Experienced staff assist in thermal and physical sizing of units using cusomised software (e.g. finite element analysis) which is translated into the automated manufacturing process to ensure continuity throughout the chain.


Fields of application include Condensation of corrosive vapours, Partial condensation, Cooling of corrosive media, Heat exchange between two corrosive liquids, Combined haet- and masstransfer processes, Heating of corrosive media, Evaporation of circulating liquids, Falling film evaporation of corrosive liquids


Products include Annular groove Condenser, Heat Exchanger, cGMP Condenser, Vent Condenser, Heat Exchanger, Dilution Cooler, Wavy-groove, Evaporator, Conti-Reactor, Block Heat Exchanger, Absorber, Quench, Reactor, Column Internals, Components etc.

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