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Gali International S.A., Spain

Gali Internacional was first set up in 1951 as an enterprise for the manufacture of mechanical construction. Thanks to its creative developments at present it has a well structured plant in Sentmenat (Barcelona) Spain, where produces the most part of its.



fully automatic fat bed screen printing carriage
Fully automatic flat bed screen printing machine
Digital Printing Equipment


Textile priniting machines :

LM flat screen printing carriage is the right response to market development towards a higher quality and design in industries such as clothing and decoration. Some printed products may be turned into art pieces.



Lyoprinter LXP Carriage


This unit is a traditional screen printing carriage with pneumatic instead electronic control, wich requires the table to have the usual repeat stops.


The LXP model, is equipped with the new hydro-pneumatic squeegee stroke system.



Gali Table


The accuracy and precision of screen printing chiefly depends upon the quality of the equipment used, and especially upon one of its most important components; the table. GALI, therefore, has developed a metal which offers many advantages, such as:


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