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ICA SPA makes packaging machinery for a wide range of products in powders, granules and pieces, especially foodstuffs like coffee, tea, flour, sugar, rice, cookies, biscuits, candies, pasta, grated cheese, etc, but detergent powders and chemical / pharmaceutical products as well.


A great variety of bags and packs made of flexible packaging materials such as pillow-shape, with side-gussets, flat bottom, packet (flat top and bottom), under vacuum, stand-up with 3 sides sealed, bags with sealed edges, off-set longitudinal sealing, etc are available. Pronto Coffee makes coffee pods inside single-serving pouches.


In addition to covering a wide range of weights, most of he machines feature easy and quick size changeovers and ICA offers also the possibility of having at least another size already installed, adjusted and ready to use on the same machine.


The packaging materials used include almost every kind of material on the market, in most cases from reel, but some machines work from pre-made bags. From simple, low-cost and ecological kraft paper to the most complex ones made up of 3 or 4 layers for the best protection. ICA makes machines that work well with the packaging materials available in the country of destination so as to guarantee low running costs and trouble-free operation.

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