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Egli is an engineering company trading internationally in waste water treatment and re-usage, waste incineration with energy saving, composting and Co-generation.


Over the years, Egli has been specializing in the treatment of industrial waste and we are therefore, in position to supply technology from basic engineering to ‘turn-key’ supplies. Projects are conducted in such a way as to guarantee economic feasibility both in terms of dimension and in terms of system management with modern technology and reliability.


In addition to the normal after sales services, Egli provides consultancy and assistance in the management of the system, both public and private. To maintain their position as fore runners in this field, they work together with universities and research companies in Italy and abroad. This assures a
continuous technological update, verified by their pilot system.


Egli specializes in:


Wastewater treatment and reusing plant, specializingin treating effluents from:


Textile industry, tannery and leather industry, food cannery processing, pulp and paper production, petrochemical, galvanic, chemical and pharmaceutical - dairy, zoo-technical, municipal sewers.


Row water treatment and desalination for:

Industry purposes, Drinking water


Incineration plant, with energy saving of: Solid industrial waste, liquid industrial waste, Gaseous industrial waste, hospital waste.




Liquid matter, sludge and biomass

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