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Meersschaert, S.r.l., Belgium

With its roots dating back to 1945, Group Meersschaert has accumulated several decades of experience in the field of pile fabric wire-looms,playing an active role in the rapidly evolving textile industry. Since then, the company has acquired,several brands such as Meersschaert G.R.J. nv,Megitron, Giropan and Metex.


The textile industry is a very competitive business, governed by volume, speed and low prices. Thanks to highly flexible looms, allowing different outputs of exclusive quality fabrics for upholstery, velvet and rugs with a single loom, many clients were able to enter different and more profitable markets.
They now run smaller productions of very exclusive and high-density old fashion look Genuan fabrics for profitable niche markets.


In addition to the looms, many other attractive services are offered. A full-fledged CAD textile design department and a production unit making jacquard cards is availble. Harnesses and textile-related wire products such as bobbin weightsare manufactured as well.


The WIREFLEX machine is a special type of weaving machine conceived for the production of pile fabrics. The weft is inserted in the bottom shed of a double shed opening. The pile is obtained by inserting steel rods or wires in the top shed Pile yarns supplied from a creel form loops above the steel wires. During extraction of the wires the pile can be cut or uncut (loops) or a combination of both.


Applications of the wireflex machine include:


Weaving of velvets for furnishing applications, Weaving of low pile prayer carpets & Weaving of tapestry panels, Weaving of loop pile cotton rugs or bedcovers, Weaving of special technical fabrics & other creative applications.


Material used for ground fabric : cotton, polyester, acrylics, wool, silk, blends, technical fibres etc.


Material used for pile : cotton, linen, wool, acrylics, viscose, silk, blends, technical fibres etc.

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