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THE MESDAN FISHERMAN KNOTTERS combines simplicity of design with high performance, the overall knotting capacity of the basic types embracing the widest possible variety of natural and man –made fibers. Variations of the basic types are available for yarns with special   characteristics.
Lightweight plastic covers are fitted to all types, giving full protection against accidental damage.

All Knotter are available in either hand or belt fitting.


THE WEAVERS KNOTTER is an essential textile accessory extensively used in the winding, doubling, twisting, spooling and reeling departments.   Easy to operate, it reduces knotting time to an absolute minimum, guarantees uniformity of construction and ensures security of the knot during subsequent manufacturing processes, resulting in maximum production efficiency.       THE NEW MESDAN UNIRAPID WEAVERS KNOTTER with its enlarges knotting capacity embrace almost all textile fibers including Cotton, Wool, Linen, Hemp and Synthetic. The accuracy of the knot formation and equality of tail length make it an indispensable accessory in the preparation of high quality Weaving and Knitting yarns. 


THE MESDAN WEAVERS KNOTTER is precision built with a robust yet simple mechanism incorporating the exclusive UNIRAPID action whereby the yarn is simultaneously knotted and ejected.  Fully protected against accidental damage by a lightweight Plastic Cover, the NEW UNIRAPID WEAVERS KNOTTERS is undoubtedly the most advanced accessory of its kind in current use.                  

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