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Legafil FTC2000

For over 40 years Pafasystem has been designing,producing and distributing PAFA spinning and twisting machines for the production of fancy yarns and chenille, machines for special yarns, auxiliary machines, applications and accessories.


In so many years of activity on the market, the company has sold machinery all over the world and developed a wide range of technologically advanced equipment that has evolved year after year.


Legafil S 100EL is a line of spinning-twisting machines that are ideal for the production of an infinite variety of fancy yarn types and counts.Produced in different versions – with one draft line,with two draft lines and double bed – they are supplied by rovings as well as yarn, and the product is wound on spindles.


Combifil FR is an extremely flexible line of spinningtwisting machines. It is produced in the version with either one or two draft lines, supplied by rovings as well as yarn, with winding on cones and spindles.


Rocfil is a spinning-twisting machine produced in two versions with one or two draft lines with supply by rovings and winding on a double stage of cones.


Filatoio FB 450/200 is a spinning machine for fancy yarns with direct input, equipped with a special designed draft system for semiworsted fibers. It is produced in versions with one or two draft lines.


NTF is a machine designed to produce yarns with an overfeed, extremely bulky and light. The system adopted is protected by an international patent. It is produced in versions with one or two draft lines.


Expo 2000 is a spinning-twisting machine supplied from drums. The main feature of this machine is its draft unit: a special device equipped with 3 independent draft lines. The yarn is wound on cones.


Expo 80 is a ring spinning machine specialized in the production of fancy yarns in medium-high counts and large effects. It is produced with one, two or three
independent draft lines. Winding is on spindles.


Bobinatrice Bc202 is a winding machine designed to produce flanged cones in cylindrical or bottle shape,necessary for processing on hollow spindle machines.


Legafil FTC2000 is the machine for production of chenille and fancy chenille yarns. Designed for industrial yarn production, it guarantees a uniform, high quality product on all spindles.

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