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RATTI LUINO SRL is an Italian company leader in the production of twisting and covering Machines for natural, aritificial and synthetic fibers with continuous filaments since 1869.


It was founded by the Businessman Michele Ratti, who with his practical experience, natural initiative and enterprenuerial talent has made this company a leading textile machinery manufacturer in more than 70 countries worldwide.


The strategy that allows RATTI LUINO to provide the more and more demanding market with the most advanced and flexible machines is the customer satisfaction. In fact, our Textile Laboratory, in continuous connection with the Research & Development Department, is able to give the customer a global know-how about the complete industrial process. Moreover we establish, with our customer, a continuing dialogue that begins before the purchasing decision and usually goes far beyond the machine setting. The "Company system" is completed by an efficient Technical Assistance Service dealing with reliable and prompt works in every part of the world.


Today, after more than a century in business, the history of RATTI LUINO SRL continues pursuing its goal "moving unto new challenges in the banner of tradition".


RATTI LUINO SRL is producing under the name of–



  • Complete range of Two-for- one twisters for continuous filaments with low, medium and high twist range ( from cops or textured bobbin)

  • Complete range Two-for- One twisters for sewing threads yarns that to produce the final threads made out of NO.2-3 and 4 plies.

  • Complete range of Two-for- One twisters for technical yarns (from Dtex 840 upto Dtex 4,400)

  • Complete range of Two-for- one twisters equipped with heaters for setting the yarns or producing soft bobbins for direct dyeing (for shrinking and setting flat polyester or

  • Complete range of fancy twisters (fancy yarns) in double or single covering, machines with

  • New machine line of Two-for- One twister with heaters, for the production of nylon, stretch (elasticized) that to produce soft bobbins or muffs for direct dyeing.



  • Complete range of Covering machine for covering Spandex, Lycra and Rubber in single and double covering process.

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