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Smit Textile SPA, Italy (Santex Rimar Group)

SMIT Textile (formerly Known as Nuovo Pignone) has been developing and manufacturing high-performance weaving machines for last 55 years. SMIT Textile is the manufacturer who created for the first time, the weft insertion system by flexible rapiers. With its wide product configuration range, SMIT Textile can offer all weavers high productive solution for every requirement fully responsible to their expectations in terms of quality, performance,environment friendliness and economy.


The modular project characterizes the complete SMIT Textile 900 Series, featuring:


Rigid structure and intrinsically balanced machines to ensure greatest stability with minimum dynamic loads on the base, most suitable reed motion profile by double cam
mechanism drive, optimized warp geometry and electronic control to minimize the stress on the warp and maximize the weaving performances together with fabric quality, ergonomic design for high accessibility and user friendliness.


The GS940 gripper weaving machine is designed for the boosting up the versatility and productivity features thanks to the Guideless “dynamically controlled flexible
rapier technology in which SMIT Textile holds undisputed leadership. The rapier drive carried out by a “spherical linkage” and features gentle treatment of delicate yarns and maximum efficiency in weft insertion.The WSC grippers meet the requirement of the whole range of yearn types and applications: Apparel, Furnishings, Home & Technical Fabrics.

The new GS940 F terry weaving machine, developed on the 900 serie's base machine, combines innovative terr weaving technology with all the latest mechatronic solutions that ensure unsurpassable versatility and quality for the finest and most sophisticated terry production. The new GS900 F is available in eight working widths, from 220 us to 300 cm, with shed control by dobby with up to 20 shaft drives or jacquard & ensures excellent ergonomics, easy operation and unparalleled cost-efficiency.


The soundness of technical and commercial proposal,together with the extensive range of customer free and after sales support services and the availability of
original spare parts, are SMIT Textile response to the requirement textile industries asking for high quality & advanced design, striving for playing a foreground role as global producers of high grade fabrics.


Make a quantum leap in technical textiles with smit textile!
Optimal configuration driven by specific application needs
Outstanding technological and know-how for top fabric quality and machine
Perfect suitability for every application

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